Alright despite the fact that I have nothing to say, nothing to add to the conversation, I will join this whole “writing words on the internet” thing because people seem to love that shit.

Top notch first sentence there.

I will write about the tough subjects like carpet and race. I will Google “news” and skim over the top article then tell you what I think about it. Oh actually I just did that. So a crazed gunman in Germany killed nine people yesterday. You know which other crazed gunman killed 30 people yesterday? America.

If that’s what being topical is, I don’t like it.

To be edgy I will reference racial stereotypes like how Asians always run unnecessarily when crossing the road and the people of Comoros have low life expectancy.

I will be deep, too, like talking about being sad. Maybe I’ll quote scientific studies I read an article about too. Oh and feminism. You’re going to hear so much about rape culture in these hollow pages.

Most importantly I will delete this post when I come up with something that I actually feel like writing about.

Over and out, my niggas.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.