I saw some real stereotype busting today. A white girl, with her Asian boyfriend. White girl wore a baseball cap backwards. White girl was on electric skateboard, holding hand of Asian boy, who was on regular skateboard, being pulled along.

I would like to watch those two have sex — I don’t know why, but I’d say greater than even odds it’s going to be something to remember.

Business idea of mine that somebody stole:

When you’re about to build a new apartment block, and want to start selling the apartments even though they don’t exist yet, send up a drone with a camera and software based on the building plans so that it can place itself at eye height on the virtual balconies of all the apartments and take a photo. You can then have a photo of the ‘actual view’ for every apartment.

I told someone this and they looked at my like I’d told them my idea for a thing I call ‘socks’ that go on your feet.

Remember Steve Urkel?

He just released a tell-all mémoire, revealing his struggle with depression over the years.

Near where I work is a big sandstone building — Sydney Children’s Court. Whenever I walk past I picture what it must be like in there. A small child judge, gabble as big as his arm, kiddy bailiffs, and at the security entrance, a toddler waving a metal detecting wand.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.