Oh I’m a bit drink so pardon my writing skillz.

I’m doing Fab Feb. It’s where you’re gay for the 28 marvellous days of February.

It’s been a real eye opener.

The reason I’m sitting here typing this is because (oh by the way the three dots above that signify ‘a new chapter’ are because the sentence prior was supposed to be funny). Anyway I’m sitting here because I thought of something amusing to write.

But I can’t think of it. Fuck now I need to replay my thoughts of the last 10 minutes.

… um, but in the 1940’s I’m pretty sure that fridges were gas powered and maybe this spurred some sort of nickname for the devices and also perhaps Hitler liked squashed fruit and maybe he said “gas the juice” and it was all a big misunderstanding … and then I was thinking about where the bridge to Sweden goes from, and how many ‘e’s does ‘Sweeden’ have and … what the fuck, only one? that doesn’t seem right, and then, “where’s Denmark” and Boom:

I remembered …

I wonder: if I was doing the hot stuff on the regular with a Danish lady and I said “you’re a Great Dane” would that be offensive?

I know, not even slightly funny.

But, hello, Erica.

Also, I wonder if people that get offended ever offend people, and how they reconcile that with their world view?

It’s astounding how complicated scrunched paper is. Do you ever think about that? Do you think about the way we look back on the muppets of the 1600’s is how people in the 2,400’s will look back on us? They’ll be all like “they didn’t know how paper scrunched” and “they didn’t put a comma in 2,019, those dumb fucks.”

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