Re-titling the greats, part II

EXACTLY the same premise as part I. So lazy!

William Blake — Dodgeball upset

No one could believe that Becky (neither pictured nor remembered by history) had stuffed a dodgeball up under her jumper and pretended to be pregnant, fooling others into thinking she was no longer in the game.

But she had, and she had.

Just as Cain began his stretch routine to warm up for his victory Fortnite dance, gloating about winning the tournament and ‘totally murdering’ his brother in the process: WHAMMO, Bekcy lobs a fast one and Cain is capital-f-Fucked.

He’s like oh noooo, and Adam is like oh noooo (the Bible is super camp) and Eve is like what’s happening, I got my hair stuck in Able’s nipple ring, I can’t see! What’s happening? Did Cain win? Please tell me Cain won. This family really needs a win right now.

Fucking Becky.

Raphael — Attack of the Babies

Like many a human faced with the terrifying void of retirement, Raphael took an interest in painting as his career as mutant ninja turtle came to an end (and there goes the last ever teenage mutant ninja turtle joke in relation to Raphael).

In this painting, he let’s his imagination go full mental — there’s all sorts of shit going on. Not content with the terrifying prospect of flying babies, he wondered, with his brush, what if they had fucking crossbows. What if there was a dedicated baby to carry a shit-ton of arrows for all the other babies? Such is the level of helter skelter in this piece that you may well wonder if Galatea, the main character, is there by accident. The answer to that question, my friend, is no, she’s there on porpoise.

Edvard Much — What Should I Do With My Hands
Edvard Much — Honestly, What Do People Normally Do With Their Hands!
Edvard Much — How ‘Bout Like This? Does This Look Natural?
Edvard Much — What The Fuck Do I Do With My Hands?
Andy Warhol — Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao

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