Little tables

Unintended consequences


  • A non-profit works out the numbers for the most popular products out there. Corn flakes, Coke, Mars bar. Crowd source it, people love being able to volunteer without leaving the house.
  • They make an app that can search or scan barcodes and allows users to look these things up. Early adopters will do this and start spreading the word about products they just learned are 10x more damaging to the planet than sensible substitutes.
  • They publish their methodology for how they went about it and are open about how many person-hours it took to generate the numbers. So Coca-Cola or Mars or Kellog can do the sums and say “right, it’d cost us x million dollars to do this for all of our products, update packaging, etc” and know how much they need to take out of the marketing budget to get it done.
  • One of the smart countries, maybe Estonia or Canada or New Zealand or Japan, mandates this. Perhaps targeting companies with more than x products in their range to start with (we don’t want to make life harder for non-global-conglomerates).
  • Any producer with ‘eco’ as part of their branding would be well advised to add one of these little tables too. Perhaps this could be worked in to the definition of ‘organic’. Really, “organic” carries connotations of goodness. And if you’re good, you care about the planet, you’ll want to be showing this little table of metrics.
  • Speaking of ‘good’ an ‘organic’, people will soon enough learn that GMO foods can take up a lot less space than regular stupid foods and people can start to get educated about the positive impacts GMOs could have. At the very least we could shift the conversation from “no never!” to “what are the pros and cons?”




I only exist while you're reading my posts.

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Alex Uninvolved

Alex Uninvolved

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

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