Is it just me, or is racism the wrong way round?

When it comes to sexism, it’s terrible and all that, but it’s not exactly surprising. Males are bigger and stronger and more aggressive. If you took 100 babies, 49 male, 49 female, and a couple of miscellaneous, and put them on a desert island, I think you’d go back 50 years later and find yourself a patriarchy.

And I put it to you that if you did the experiment 100 times you’d get the same results again and again. Of course ‘bigger’ and ‘stronger’ and ‘more aggressive’ are all averages, (and the last one is debatable) so maybe you’d get one or two random matriarchies (complete with t-shirts reading “boys can code too” and women’s razor companies making ads about ‘toxic femininity’ because they didn’t pay attention at marketing school). Perhaps, among these 100 experimental worlds you’d even stumble across a society living in a state of the much-discussed ‘equality’. JK LOL.

On the whole though, I reckon you’d get history repeating. Because history repeats.


On the other hand, racism seems the wrong way round to me.

I’ll simplify (just a tad) and stick to white Europeans and black Africans. If I was an alien visiting this planet, witnessing humans for the first time, I’d think for sure the black ones would be dominant. They’re bigger, stronger, have better skin (black don’t crack, baby). They’re better musicians, sportitians, and snazzier dressers to boot. White people just look inferior, right? I don’t care what race you are or how angry you get about this shit, white people look like they want to be dominated. That’s a fact. That you can take to the bank.

Yet throughout time and all around the world racism has happened the other way around. When Europe decided to go on a holiday to America, it took some helpers from Africa and somehow got them to work for free. Not vice versa. That seems to me about as uncanny as a matriarchy.

I want to take 49 white babies and 49 black babies and a few miscellaneous ones and put them on a desert island for 50 years. There’s no way the pudgy little white fuckers would dominate.

The more I think about it, the more obvious the reasons are (probably just: “guns”, right?). Oh and now that I type “guns” I can but help think of “germs”. And “steel”. Perhaps this topic has already been considered. Is a thought ‘original’ if it is old hat but comes from ignorance? Yes, is the answer to that question my friend.

During the 12 minute making of this post, I googled “matriarchy” to see the rate at which they appear in the wild. Found this:

This dude at a bar: “I’m a model”

Yes, this post wasn’t a funny one.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.