If you know someone with a serious illness, please don’t do this

“Have you tried [insert suggested remedy here]?”

  • You have just heard that a colleague has a bad back. You suggest that they try pilates because your hairdresser’s son did and it worked for him.
  • Your brother has told you he has a bad case of the flu. You suggest tea with echinacea before bed to cure what ails him, and as luck would have it, it’s on sale at the local vitamin barn.
  • Your daughter has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. You suggest she try herbal remedies because you read a magazine article where a woman called Sue was given six months to live by doctors and she took some herbs in pill form and is still going strong four years later.

The obvious defense

  1. Tell you no. How will you react to that? Will you feel rejected? Hurt? Will you press the matter? Will you continue to argue the benefits of shining a UV torch on their blood? Will you question them as to their callous dismissal of your suggestion?
  2. Lie, and tell you yes. They are doing this to avoid an argument. This is the position you have put them in. If your suggestion is accepted too readily, don’t forget to chase them up in a few weeks to make sure they’ve done that oxygen treatment you read about on a website written by a professor so it must be true.
  3. Follow your suggestion. Throw out the advice of their oncologist, discard all the paperwork they have completed in order to join a clinical trial, and instead book into that clinic that has prices right there on the website — and if you fill out the form now, you’ll get “a same-day FREE medical consultation”. That’s fucking handy.

Option 1: tell you no

Option 2: lie, and tell you yes

Option 3: follow your suggestion

So, what should you do?




I only exist while you're reading my posts.

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Alex Uninvolved

Alex Uninvolved

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

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