A review: The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

I can see what this movie is aiming for — heavy on the conversation, meandering plot, people talking over each other.

It’s aiming to annoy me.

It’s a Woody Allen film without the funny. Or the clever.

The bickering is constant and grating and the shouting makes me want to turn the volume down, only to have to turn it up again later.

It’s quirky, at considerable effort, in a way that makes me wonder if I wouldn’t be better off just sitting in a coffee shop listening to disjointed conversations that weren’t written by a writer trying to write dialog that sounded ‘real’.

Adam Sandler plays a role that is not like other roles he has played, and does a good job of it. I guess everyone is pretty fucking excited about that. What range!

Unfortunately Adam’s role is of a vaguely irritating person, as are all the other roles. Dustin, Zoolander, Murphy Brown — all of them play a character carefully crafted to be irksome.

Doesn’t do it for me.

It’s ironic that today, as I sit at home alone skipping the extended Christmas lunch, I chose to watch a film with a bunch of disjointed and uninteresting conversation, when I could have had the real thing, without the Christmas Guilt Trip.

It’s not all bad though, the cinematography was a feast for my eyeholes. The editing is on point, which is apparently something that people say nowadays. It was cute how they cut a scene and went to the next ‘chapter’ halfway through a sentence (the first time. And the second time. Not the third time).

I give it 62/101 which is how many minutes of it I watched before I decided to cut my losses and move on with my life.

It will live out its days in the “Continue watching” list in Netflix until I get around to digging through my history to find and delete it. Until then, it serves as a reminder that I can indeed judge a book by its cover, and should have followed my instincts.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

I only exist while you're reading my posts.