Brain: PSSST

Me: Hark! What that fuck was that?

Brain: PSSST, Alex, it’s me, your brain

Me: My brain?

Brain: Yes, y’know, in your head. The ol’ melon. The ol’ love muffin.

Me: You can talk? Wait, what’s a love love muffin? No one calls the brain that.

Brain: Yes…

You know when you buy food with barcodes, the packaging has one of those little tables telling you how many milligrams of this and that you’ll be ingesting? These exist because we care about what we put in our bodies. …

I don’t yet know what the collection of words below will become. The longer I live with my Bell Curve Lens, the more facets of the concept are revealed to me. So perhaps these ramblings could fill a book. Time will tell.

For now, consider this me jotting down some…

Step one is to identify racism in individuals before it manifests itself in physical violence. We have the technology. Body cams are out there recording conversations (all that’s missing is a “switch it on to enable pay-checks” directive). We can rank the aggressiveness of these conversations, and track them over…

Have you ever thought about how many farms there are? There’s so many!

Check out the meat of Europe:

Pretty much everything light green is farm, brown/grey is city, white is snow, and dark green is leftover forest. Imagine how much forest there would be without all the farms. …

Five stars.

I rarely feel ‘transported’ by a film or documentary, but with American Factory I was a fly on the wall.

There’s no voice over, no opinion layered on top, no one telling me how to feel about what I’m watching. The only thing that broke the spell for…

EXACTLY the same premise as part I. So lazy!

William Blake — Dodgeball upset

No one could believe that Becky (neither pictured nor remembered by history) had stuffed a dodgeball up under her jumper and pretended to be pregnant, fooling others into thinking she was no longer in the game.

But she had, and she…

Alex Uninvolved

I only exist while you're reading my posts.

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